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Funnies from Edublox Parents
The Things Children Say

Announcing to our daughter Annie that her aunt just had a baby and it looked like her uncle, she said, "You mean he has a moustache?"

While shampooing our son, 4, I noted his hair was growing so fast he'd soon need it cut. He replied, "Maybe we shouldn't water it so much."

"Close the curtains," requested our 3-year-old daughter, sitting in a pool of bright light. "The sun's looking at me too hard."

Impressed by her 6-year-old's vocabulary, my friend complimented the young scholar, who nonchalantly responded, "I have words in my head I haven't even used yet."

I informed my son Brian that I was going outside to get a little sun. "But Mommy, he gulped, "you already have a son me!"

When our son asked about two look-alike classmates at school, we told him they were probably twins. The next day, he came home from school all bubbly and said, "Guess what? They are not only twins, they're brothers!"