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Luca Becomes a Star. His Mother Reports

Luca began Grade 2 with a rough start. His teacher gave him a total of fourteen 2’s on a scale of 1 to 5 (2 = requires attention), mainly in attitude, social development and worth ethic. He also got 3’s for handwriting, English and maths. He had 4’s and 5’s in Grade 1 so this was quite a shock to us. His teacher also recommended an ADHD assessment, and to see if he is a candidate for Ritalin. She said he lacked focus and couldn’t follow instructions which affected completion of his work.

As parents we looked for an alternative and found Marj at Edublox — from many highly positive recommendations. We enrolled him in April 2012 and noticed positive improvements within a month.

In August Marj held progress assessments to see how our children have progressed and Luca’s results were amazing. His perception went up from 53% to 95%, visual memory from 78% to 92%, logical thinking from 33% to an incredible 100%, and eye span from 78% to 80%. His weak area is auditory memory which increased from 39% to 50%.

By the fourth term Luca received no 2’s — only 3’s and 4’s. His teacher has noted “steady progress” in his report, as well as development of better focus.

Quotes from his teacher at the end of 2012:

“Areas of improvement:

  1. Luca is able to complete tasks more independently and within the allocated time.
  2. He is far more able to organize both his table top space and the order in which he completes his tasks.
  3. Social interaction has become more relaxed and a certain amount of tolerance is developing.
  4. Self control is starting to develop and Luca is far more able to wait his turn now.

“Areas where continued help is necessary:

  1. Luca often fails to follow instructions correctly and needs to repeat them before starting an activity.
  2. He still has periods where he is less focused.”

Overall we are thrilled with Luca’s progress. The tuition he has received from Edublox is such a blessing. Marj and her dedicated team have equipped Luca with skills in the classroom that have helped him focus and deal with the challenges of Grade 3 ahead. Marj is an amazing woman who loves her job and it shows through all she does for the children. A huge thank you to Marj, her team and Edublox for making our son and each child’s story a success.

Kind regards,
Mrs Deborah Fuini


Luca’s report before enrolling at Edublox:

Luca’s report 8 months after enrolling at Edublox:

An example of Luca’s schoolwork, 29 July 2012:

An example of Luca’s schoolwork, 5 November 2012: