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Leilani Pereira’s Testimonial
January 2011

I found an advertising flyer of Edublox in my son’s homework diary towards June or July last year and we started classes. As you are well aware I am one of those “need to know all the time” mommies and I cannot thank you and your team enough for always keeping me in the loop.

In Grade 1 already the teacher picked up that there was some sort of challenge with spelling. We thought it was Ronan’s eyes, subsequently had his eyes tested and he got reading glasses. During the 1st two terms of Grade 2 I noticed a steady deterioration in his spelling achievements and then found the God-sent flyer of Edublox!

Ronan’s spelling mark in April for one specific test was 1/15. In July it progressed to 15/30 and by November he was achieving 21/30.

Ronan’s report marks have improved as follows:

Term 2

Reading and viewing
High frequency sight words        2
Prepared reading: fluency          2

Creative writing                         2

Language Structure and Use
Spelling: units 11-20                 2

Term 4

Reading and viewing
Prepared: fluency                    2
Reading: expression                3
Independent reading                3

Creative writing                       3

Language Structure and Use
Spelling: units 39-50                3

I have to be honest and say that last year I did not get much of a chance to practice with Ronan at home as I also took the “home version”, and subsequently changed our lesson from a Saturday to a Monday which frees us up for productive practice on Saturdays.

The pride that radiates from Ronan-Charles when he knows he’s done well in a spelling test or read a piece without any hitches is the most rewarding experience, I as a mother could ever feel! His self-confidence has boomed and he knows he is capable of anything if we just keep trying and keep picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and starting all over again.

Edublox has made me realize that it’s okay to need help and okay to be helped, you and your staff have also taught me the art of patience and self-realization, that not all children are the same and that at times we as parents actually do not know what the hell we are doing! Well me anyway — you have opened my eyes to approaching challenges with my son as just that — a challenge! Which can be conquered!

Thank you so much Susan to you, and your team for helping Ronan-Charles and myself through this challenge in our lives!!!

Fondest regards

Leilani Pereira