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Creating a Basis for Lifelong Learning

If one continues with Edublox for long enough, it creates a basis for lifelong learning. Riaan du Plessis, who attended classes for nearly eighteen months, is proof of this.

Without doubt Riaan was a very gifted child. However, his school reports did not reflect his true capabilities. According to the evaluations on his school reports he was judged as "average" to "good" in the various categories of reading, writing, oral work, mathematics, et cetera. He had a slight problem with spelling and sometimes reversed b's and d's. With such a report, most children would probably be satisfied. Riaan, however, was unhappy and frustrated with his progress and often made negative remarks about himself.

In the middle of Grade 2, Riaan started with the classes. By the end of that school year, Riaan's school report reflected a complete change. He was now judged as "very good" in all the categories. Nothing succeeds like success, and now Riaan was even more determined to achieve. Ever since, Riaan has been the top achiever in his grade with an average ranging between 86 percent and 90 percent. The last available school report of Riaan is as follows:

GRADE 11 (second term):

First Language81%
Second Language89%
Computer science97%

According to Riaan he is consistent in his studies and never leaves homework for the next day, but on the whole he spends much less time studying than the average pupil. He is involved in numerous extramural activities.