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Overcoming a Learning Disability:
Kelly Meyer’s Story

Kelly has struggled with learning since she started school. She repeated Grade 2 but despite that and despite her conscientious effort, by the first term of Grade 4, Kelly's educational assessment revealed that she was 2.5 years behind her peers and also that she had Attention Deficit Disorder.

Besides learning delays, the most heartbreaking symptom for us was to see her try so hard, yet consistently produce marks well below the grade average. Emotionally, she was suffering. She was anxious, biting her nails and reluctant to read because it was such a struggle which in turn created a vicious cycle. Although she is a friendly, fun-loving child, she would feel uncomfortable even in social situations with friends where she would shy away when there was a need to read things like DVD titles or blurbs or work out the number of lengths to swim during squad training.

Kelly was accepted into the Remedial Unit at Hillcrest Primary school and it was at an interview that the unit head explained that Edublox would be a vital component of her remediation program. We enrolled Kelly into an intensive holiday course at Edublox in Kloof in July 2012 and followed up with bi-weekly sessions once the third term began. She has absolutely loved it right from the start. She feels safe and accepted in the fun learning environment.

Kelly's progress in the past 6 months has been incredible. Academically she has caught up to the point where her reading level is appropriate for her age and her spelling only 3 months behind. Her Math's mark has increased from 61% (the grade average was 73%) to 78% and her English has increased from 58% (the grade average was 72%) to 80%.

Very importantly, Kelly's confidence since starting Edublox in July has grown enormously. She has stopped biting her nails, is reading much more fluently and is now actually asking for books to read! She is now happy to read out loud, advertisements or book titles, without feeling self-conscious and she is also happy to clarify the spelling or meaning of a word whereas before she didn't feel confident to do so, feeling embarrassed that she didn't know. Kelly is so proud to report each week, how many blocks she is able to remember and at home, her improved memory is evident in her improved grammar as she recalls the correct words and tenses to use in conversation. She has learned poems and prose in both English and Afrikaans for her end of year exams without difficulty. As Kelly's memory improves, so does her spelling and comprehension. The change and improvement in Kelly both academically and emotionally is remarkable and it is clear that the downward spiral to increasing delays and poor self-esteem has been stopped.

Kelly still has a small 3 month delay in her spelling level but we feel confident that this deficit will be caught up soon and that she will return to mainstream education by 2014 — a confident and capable child who will reach her full potential.

René Pearsall

Kelly’s report before enrolling at Edublox:


Six months later, the school reports...

Six months later

Kelly’s year-end report:

Year-end report