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New Hope for Struggling Slow Learner

My son was born preterm at 26 weeks. When he got to school his educator discovered that he was a rather slow learner. I took him to various institutions and unfortunately wasnít satisfied as nothing seemed to help. After taking him to an audiologist, I realized that he had a hearing problem. He has been struggling to cope since Grade R, and therefore lacked confidence at school. I heard about Edublox via the radio and knew that this was my only hope. My son was not able to read or write.

Areas I have noticed an improvement since enrolling my child at Edublox:

I am really impressed with my sonís transformation as:

  • he is now more attentive
  • his letter formation has improved drastically
  • his interest in reading has improved
  • he can read up to 150 basic words
  • he has been able to speak more clearly
  • his numeracy skills has also improved.

Areas in which my son still experiences difficulties:

  • Recognition and pronunciation of certain words
  • hearing and listening skills
  • sentence construction.

Rahul could not differentiate between left and right. Since attending Edublox, he has been able to do so. Initially he also had problems with the letters Ďbí and Ďdí, but now he is able to differentiate between them. My sonís confidence level has improved as he is showing a lot of interest in his work.

Mrs B Harisanker

Rahulís teacher, Mrs Ebrahim, wrote:

As Rahulís educator at school, I was very impressed with the positive attitude in which he returned after his two weeks at Edublox. He started showing more interest and seemed to look at every opportunity to gain approval from me; he tried completing all written tasks and always asked if what he is doing is correct. This is something he never used to do.

Recently he has become more active and outspoken which is positive in the sense that he will be able to stand in front of the class and present work, which he always used to shy away from. He could not read anything complete before, except for recognition of a few words after being prompted. Now he is able to read a basic reader on his own. This shows great improvement. He is also able to solve simple math sums.

It takes a little longer to drill new words with him but he eventually grasps them. He experiences difficulties in reading out instructions, but again with constant repetition he will eventually get it.