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From Struggling Learner to Most Improved.
Nalediís Mother Reports

Naledi was identified by the school as a struggling learner, who wasnít disciplined enough to listen and follow instructions. Her first quarter performance at school was VERY POOR. (See report).

Nalediís work is gradually improving. Both her teachers and I were very happy with her second report — and third. Naledi started collecting awards from school on the second term (after at least a monthís attendance at Edublox): first for positive attitude in class (something I had to phone her teacher for to ensure that she had awarded the right student, as I always got complaints), then for the most improved in class. I could have thought that the first award was her own doing, but when Naledi got the second award for the ďmost improvedĒ, there was no doubt in my mind that this was Edubloxís outcome! To date Naledi has received four awards, and a confidence that has made me stop perusing her school communication book with anguish!

Nalediís listening skills still need to be worked on — a problem which prohibits her from following instructions accurately. Also the speed at which she is doing her work — both reading and writing. Naledi still confuses her arrows, bís and dís. Her work can still improve. (See term 4 report).

Patience Nkolanyane
December 2012

Nalediís first Grade 1 report:


Nalediís Grade 1 year-end report:


Two of Nalediís rewards: