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Teresa Hudsonís Testimonial
April 2010; December 2010 Report Added

My son went to school in the year that he turned six. I was advised by my concerned sister-in-law and pre-primary teachers that he should only go to Grade 1 once he had ALREADY turned seven. His birthday is on 24 December. So, in Grade 1, while his class mates turned 7 within months of starting their schooling career, my son was still 6 years of age. This might sound normal if you are a parent who went to school yourself at the age of six. The problem today is the fact that the curriculum is NOT the same as when you went to school. By the end of term 3 of his first grade, his teacher called me in and said that he lags behind other children, and that failing him is a consideration and would probably be to his advantage in the future. He swapped b's, d's, p's and q's, would read words backwards e.g. was for saw. He was still too young, immature, not responsible enough etc, etc.

I was advised to enrol him at a reading centre. The result was that he passed Grade 1, BUT, with attention. That means that his Grade 2 teacher had to be notified that he had 'problems'.

Well, sure enough the problems continued. The same problems that presented itself in Grade 1 occurred in Grade 2. I decided, much to my failure, that we all learn to read and spell, and that this problem will be overcome as he matures.

The dreaded end of term 3 presented itself with a letter from the teacher needing to see me. My son will be held back in Grade 2 unless there is a drastic change. As you can imagine, I am desperate once again, to just help this little boy enjoy school for what it is SUPPOSED to be. Not this feeling of failure and under achievement. Then another mother, like an angel, said, TAKE HIM TO EDUBLOX.

Today was my son's last lesson of his SECOND term at EDUBLOX. We are still not finished with his tutoring at this establishment. The difference is the following:

* Reading: fluency 2
* Reading: expression 2
* Independent reading 2
* Comprehension 1

* Reading: fluency 3
* Reading: expression 3
* Independent reading 2
* Comprehension 2
Literacy summative assessment 3

* Reading fluency and understanding 3
* Unprepared reading 3
* Comprehension 3

I have only compared my sonís improvement in reading ability within two terms of attending Edublox. Overall, his Grade 3, first term report has been the best since starting school. He received: seven 4's (outstanding/excellent achievement), twenty 3's (satisfactory achievement), and nine 2's (partial achievement). Please bear in mind that this was a child that was considered for a fail in Grade 1.

The above-mentioned mother had tried close to 10 different institutions to help her son. I was lucky on my second try.

Half way through the first term, the children at the school were assessed. The children who needed extra tutorial were sent home with a letter in their homework diaries. My son did not get one. It was prayers answered. I will be eternally grateful to Edublox. Edublox has made a difference in this little boy's life about his approach towards education. A keenness to learn and study and do his homework has replaced afternoons filled with dread and often tears and frustration.

I would like to just add for the record that reading ability is just one of the many aspects of improvement in mental ability achieved by this program.

It is a passion at Edublox to teach children to read and learn and excel. This place is NOT about business and money, it is about making kids soar!

Yours sincerely
Mrs Teresa Hudson
One of many, happy parents!
April 2010

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