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Success Stories (Page 2)

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Dear Monique,

I would like to thank you and your teachers from the bottom of my heart for walking the extra mile with Chanté. Last year, when I went to meet with you, my shoulders were sagging under the heart-ache of not knowing what to do for my little girl. Her words were: “Mommy, I can’t’, ‘Mommy I am stupid.”

After your assessment I understood the problem, and we began with the lessons. In the beginning she was reluctant, because she preferred playing at home. Luckily she soon realized how much Edublox is helping her to understand her school work. I’ll never forget that weekend, nine months after having started Edublox, when she spontaneously picked up a book and started reading! By the end of that weekend she had read 11 books!

This was the beginning of full marks for comprehension tests, first in Afrikaans and later in English. Her words had changed to “Mommy I can”, and “Mom, I am actually clever”. After three tearful years, she was also accepted into the senior choir. By this time her listening skills were well developed and her auditory memory such that she could remember a tune! Chanté had started to blossom, in many more areas than her school work!

Now, after a year, I am sad at the thought that we are not going to visit you every week.

I am proud to say Chanté’s first Grade 4 report card boasts over 80% for most of her subjects, with two subjects in the nineties.

I cannot thank you enough. I, as a mother, cannot see what you are doing in class, but I can see the results — not only in my child’s achievements, but also in her attitude.

I am going to miss you tremendously!

Elmarike de Bruin
Maestro Kindermusik Therapist



Riaana Treasurer: "Cael is a healthy 12 year old boy and the eldest of three children. In 2012 Cael was in Grade 6. In the beginning of the year my husband and I noticed that Cael was struggling with his reading and school work. We were not sure whether he had a learning disability or whether he was just lazy, or whether it was normal for his age. When the teachers or his dad or I would give him instructions, he would not follow through with them; he didn’t concentrate or focus.

"Cael would not do anything by himself at home. For his age I assumed he would be accustomed to his routine, but we had to remind him daily to brush his teeth…" Read more…

René Pearsall: "Kelly has struggled with learning since she started school. She repeated Grade 2 but despite that and despite her conscientious effort, by the first term of Grade 4, Kelly's educational assessment revealed that she was 2.5 years behind her peers and also that she had Attention Deficit Disorder.

"Besides learning delays, the most heartbreaking symptom for us was to see her try so hard, yet consistently produce marks well below the grade average. Emotionally, she was suffering. She was anxious, biting her nails and reluctant to read because it was such a struggle which in turn created a vicious cycle." Read more...

Raymond Tola:

“Why we enrolled Kurtley at Edublox:

  • Kurtley had difficulties in distinguishing between b and d when he was reading
  • He would get really frustrated when he could not get the words right
  • Doing homework together was very unpleasant for him and for us as parents; it would almost always end in tears
  • His concentration was also very poor; he would be able to spell and read a word and 5 minutes later he did not know the words
  • When we received Kurtley’s first quarter report his grades were not satisfactory and we knew that he can do so much better with a little help
  • At times he seemed a bit lazy.

“Noticeable improvements:

  • His grades have improved (see report below)
  • Kurtley enjoys doing homework; no more tears
  • Recognises certain words when he reads on TV or advertisements
  • His concentration levels is much better and
  • He reads with confidence at times.”
Assessment report

Joanne Phillips: “Erin was struggling with reading and maths and was not getting good marks. She was a candidate to repeat Grade 2.

“Since joining Edublox her maths marks have improved to 9/10’s and 10/10’s. She completed three maths worksheets of 90 sums each and achieved 100% on all three worksheets. Her teacher was amazed at her improvement.

“Erin was also struggling with reversing her b’s and d’s and although she sometimes still does this, the instances had dropped significantly. She is now achieving 9/10’s and 10/10’s for her spelling tests. I am amazed at the improvement.

“Erin is a very sensitive child and wants to be perfect in every instance. She ‘has a meltdown’ when she doesn’t get something correct. I have seen a vast improvement in her confidence but she still has the occasional meltdown at school. We need to continue to build her confidence in herself and her abilities.”

Patience Nkolanyane: "Naledi was identified by the school as a struggling learner, who wasn’t disciplined enough to listen and follow instructions. Her first quarter performance at school was VERY POOR...

"Naledi’s work is gradually improving. Both her teachers and I were very happy with her second report — and third. Naledi started collecting awards from school on the second term..." Read more...

Mrs Deborah Fuini: “Luca began Grade 2 with a rough start. His teacher gave him a total of fourteen 2’s on a scale of 1 to 5 (2 = requires attention), mainly in attitude, social development and worth ethic. He also got 3’s for handwriting, English and maths. He had 4’s and 5’s in Grade 1 so this was quite a shock to us. His teacher also recommended an ADHD assessment, and to see if he is a candidate for Ritalin. She said he lacked focus and couldn’t follow instructions which affected completion of his work.

“As parents we looked for an alternative and found Marj at Edublox — from many highly positive recommendations. We enrolled him in April 2012 and noticed positive improvements within a month.” Read more...


Ozayr was struggling at school, especially with Mathematics problem solving. He was always a child that got very easily distracted and took a while to get focused. He was also a slow reader and struggled with really big words. I always had to assist him with homework. If I left him alone he would either get distracted and leave it or he would say that he could not understand the instructions.

He started only late October 2012 but I started noticing improvement immediately — after about 2-3 classes. His attitude towards his schoolwork changed: he was more eager to do his homework, he started to sit on his own with homework at night with less assistance from me, and I would only check to see if he was doing it correctly. He tried to read everything he saw on billboards, signs, etc. His teacher also said he is more confident in class.

He still has a long way to go but the improvement is phenomenal. I have attached a copy of his report to show how he has improved in most of his subjects.

Rifqah Pregnolato
December 2012

A noteworthy improvement from Term 3 to Term 4:


Caryn Pottas: “Sam had considerable learning difficulties, including a diagnosis of dyslexia. The recommendation made by the educational psychologist was that he should attend a special remedial school such as Livingston. But considering the school is so far from home we decided as a family to try a year of attending Edublox, and some OT, before making a final decision.

“The progress Sam made last year was astounding! He has gone from getting 2’s and 3’s on his report at the end of Grade 2 to getting 4’s and 5’s at the end of Grade 3!!! His confidence level has increased dramatically. His reading has gone from being 1 year 6 months below the average ability for his age, to now being at the appropriate level for his age. Now he just needs a little bit more support and encouragement, and so we are continuing with one Edublox session a week. He certainly does not need to attend a specialist remedial school!

“Thank you Yolande at Edublox for all the time and effort you have put into Samuel.”

Nicola Keeling

During the first term of Grade 2 I noticed that Nicola had a problem with her reading. She would want to spell out each word and then pronounce it the way it was spelt. A book would take us forever to complete. It left me frustrated and she felt disheartened. Her spelling was even worse as she would spell words the way they were pronounced.

At the end of last year she got a book prize at Edublox. On the way home she started to read it; my husband and I looked at each other in amazement as she fluently read out loud. She is not needing to spell out words as often as she did and she is feeling more confident.

Nicola has still got a problem with spelling and spells basic words incorrectly. I feel this area needs more attention.

Tracy Keeling

Nicola’s year-end report:


27 November 2012

The teacher said that Shawn will have to repeat Grade 1 if he is not able to read or do word building by the end of the year. This was told to us when he received his first report.

We then enrolled him at Edublox and the improvement was amazing. Within 6 weeks he was pronouncing words I never thought possible in such a short time. His concentration has also improved. He improved from a 3 (moderate achievement) in Afrikaans to a 6 (meritorious achievement), and from a 4 (adequate achievement) in Life Orientation to a 6 (meritorious achievement).

Michelle van Beek

Shawn’s Grade 1 first-term report (on the left) showed that he struggled. A huge improved was already noted by the end of the third term (see report on the right):

Mrs B Harisanker, Durban: “My son was born preterm at 26 weeks. When he got to school his educator discovered that he was a rather slow learner. I took him to various institutions and unfortunately wasn’t satisfied as nothing seemed to help. After taking him to an audiologist, I realized that he had a hearing problem. He has been struggling to cope since Grade R, and therefore lacked confidence at school. I heard about Edublox via the radio and knew that this was my only hope. My son was not able to read or write.” Read more…











We decided to enrol Ongama at Edublox because he was experiencing difficulty in reading. Ongama is very good with Mathematics, but dreaded anything to do with reading and opted to focus on sums.

He used to read one word at a time, and confused b’s and d’s. This was a source of frustration to him and to us, his parents. It also dented his self-esteem. The last blow was when he was moved from the ‘elephants’ to the ‘frogs’. ‘Frogs’ read at a slower pace than the ‘elephants’.

I was beginning to be harsh on him and sometimes gave him a spanking. We realized that we need professional assistance to help Ongama, and when we saw the Edublox advert in the school newsletter thought that this might be our answer.

Since starting Edublox, Ongama is reading much better. He no longer dreads it. I have noticed simple things. When we do groceries he carries the shopping list, reads it with pride and ticks off the products bought. Before, he never offered. When watching television on DSTV, he presses the ‘i’ icon so that he can read what the movie or story is all about. Before, that never happened.

Ongama’s reading overall has improved markedly. His handwriting has also improved markedly. At the end of 2010 he got an award for good performance in Mathematics. At the end of 2011 he received an award for very good progress in all subjects! We are convinced that Edublox contributed to his overall improvement.

Bathandwa Duze
January 2012

Gail Benson: “At the end of 2010 the teachers of the school Troy attended in the Western Cape (Somerset College) called me in and indicated that Troy had a learning problem when it came to spelling and reading. They felt strongly that he should repeat Grade 2 as literacy skills needed attention and they feared that he would fall behind in all subjects if these skills were not improved.

“I remarried in December 2010 and so Troy and I relocated to Gauteng. My step-son is one year younger than Troy and was promoted to Grade 2 for 2011. My husband and I decided that we did not want Troy to repeat the year and be in the same class as his new step brother. We chose, instead, to find additional assistance for Troy to help him improve his reading and spelling abilities.” Read more...

Loraine Harding: “Blake battled so much with reading at school that it affected his self-esteem, making him an uncontrollable, miserable child, much against his nature. He was labelled ‘dumb’ by his fellow students, who did not understand his struggle.

“I contacted Edublox, where he was diagnosed with a reading impairment. Blake’s average reading speed was 40 words per minute, which was less than the required 90 words per minute for an eight-year-old. Blake started at Edublox in May 2011.” Read more…

Jesse Reyneke-Barnard

Jesse enrolled at Edublox because his reading was poor and his progress at school therefore very slow. Jesse hated reading, and did not believe himself able to read, allthough he loves books. He just looked at pictures and never read anything voluntarily, not even words on signs et cetera.

Jesse is now able to read Afrikaans and English. It is still going slow but we know it is so much better because;
- His words per minute count has increased;
- He has read short books, and one chapter-book;
- He believes more in his ability;
- He reads signs next to the road and on buildings;
- He can play games that involve reading
- His mom does not have to read all instructions to him.

Jesse is homeschooled, so no formal report is available. However, the following is submitted:

Elske Reyneke-Barnard

From: docred <docred@iafrica.com>
Sent: 30 December 2011 03:03 PM
To: yolande@edublox.com
Subject: Re: Paaven

Paaven was given a conditional pass in grade 9 because he had failed both languages i.e. English and Isizulu. The condition was that if he did not improve his English mark he would have to repeat grade 9. The school also requested various tests to be carried out. We did the necessary and it was found that Paaven had an Auditory processing disorder. We were advised to see a speech therapist and monitor his progress. The school was very accommodating and made various changes to assist.

With all this being done he still did very poorly in his half yearly exam. At this stage we contemplated sending him back to repeat grade 9 or to a remedial school. We discussed it with him and could see the disappointment in his eyes. He pleaded to be left in grade 10. We agreed but I knew deep down that I had to do something further to help him. By chance, while surfing the net, I came across Edublox.

To Paaven, both Edublox and Yolande were heaven sent as he almost immediately started improving his all round performance. Even his self-confidence started improving. His teachers were also very pleasantly surprised with his improvement. In less than five months Paaven has taken giant strides and has easily passed his grade 10 exams with the help of Edublox. Both his reading and comprehension skills have vastly improved and this resulted in him reading more and speaking more confidently. His spelling is also improving as is his listening skills. His attention span and his concentration have improved.

Isizulu is still a challenge for him, but with more reading I am sure he will improve.

Dr. S. Reddy

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